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21. The Castle of Otranto is an example of
(A) Gothic fiction
(B) Romance
(C) Comic fiction
(D) Bildungsroman

22. “The City of Dreadful Night”, a long poem depicting the late Victorian sense of gloom and despondency, is written by
(A) Matthew Arnold
(B) Robert Browning
(C) James Thomson
(D) John Davidson

23. Which of the following novels by V.S. Naipaul is set in Africa and carries echoes of Joseph Conrad ?
(A) The Mystic Masseur
(B) A Bend in the River
(C) A House for Mr. Biswas
(D) The Mimic Men

24. In The Rape of the Lock, Belinda’s lapdog is named
(A) Luck 

(B) Shock
(C) Pluck 
(D) Muck

25. You Can’t Do Both is a novel by
(A) John Fowles
(B) Doris Lessing
(C) Kingsley Amis
(D) Irish Murdoch

26. The character, Nathan Zuckerman, is associated with the fiction of
(A) Norman Mailer
(B) Saul Bellow
(C) Philip Roth
(D) Bernard Malamud

27. Plato censured poetry because he believed it
(A) eliminates the ego.
(B) promotes sensuality.
(C) distorts reality.
(D) cripples th…


UGC-NET&SET-ENGLISH-MODEL PAPER-36 (JUNE-2011-II)11. Who among the following is not associated with the translation of the Bible ?
(A) Miles Coverdale
(B) William Tyndale
(C) John Wycliffe
(D) Thomas Browne
12. Arrange the following stages in a sequence in which all Shakespearean tragedies are structured. Use the code given below :
I. Denouement
II. Conflict
III. Exposition
IV. Climax
Code :
(A) III, II, IV, I
(B) III, IV, II, I
(C) II, IV, III, I
(D) II, IV, I, III

13. The term, ‘curtal sonnet’, was coined by
(A) John Milton
(B) William Blake
(C) Gerald Manley Hopkins
(D) Matthew Arnold

14. The author of the pamphlet Short View of Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage (1698) was
(A) John Bunyan
(B) Jeremy Collier
(C) William Wycherley
(D) John Vanbrugh

15. Identify a play in the following list that is not written by Oscar Wilde :
(A) A Woman of No Importance
(B) The Importance of Being Earnest
(C) Saints and Sinners
(D) An Ideal Husband

16. Put the following novels by Charles Dickens in a sequential…


UGC-NET&SET-ENGLISH-MODEL PAPER-35 (JUNE-2011-II)1. Little Nell is a character in Dickens’s
(A) Hard Times
(B) Great Expectations
(C) Oliver Twist
(D) The Old Curiosity Shop

2. Who, among the following Indian writers in English, has created an identifiable imagined locale ?
(A) Mulk Raj Anand
(B) Raja Rao
(C) R.K. Narayan
(D) Anita Desai

3. Who among the following is not a formalist critic ?
(A) Allen Tate
(B) Cleanth Brooks
(C) Stanley Fish
(D) William Empson

4. The rhyme scheme of the Spenserian sonnet is
(A) abab bcbc cdcd ee
(B) abab cdcd efef gg
(C) abba cddc effe gg
(D) abba abba cde cde

5. Who among the following Marlovian characters is consumed by greed ?
(A) Barabas
(B) Tamburlaine
(C) Doctor Faustus
(D) Mephistopheles

6. The plan of Arthurian stories has influenced the composition of Tennyson’s
(A) In Memoriam
(B) Idylls
(C) “Maud”
(D) “Locksley Hall”

7. There are two lists given below. Match the authors in List – I with their nationality in List – II by choosing the right option against the code.


UGC-NET&SET-ENGLISH-MODEL PAPER-37 (JUNE-2011-II)31. Molly Bloom is a character in James Joyce’s
(A) A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
(B) Dubliners
(C) Ulysses
(D) Exiles

32. Eliot uses the term “objective correlative” in his essay.
(A) “The Metaphysical Poets”
(B) “Hamlet”
(C) “Tradition and the Individual Talent”
(D) “Dante”

33. Seamus Heaney was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in the year
(A) 1995
(B) 1996
(C) 1997
(D) 1998

34. The pamphlet on the Irish condition, “An Address to the Irish People” was composed by
(A) W.B. Yeats
(B) P.B. Shelley
(C) Jonathan Swift
(D) G.B. Shaw

35. Which of the following arrangements of English novels is in the correct chronological sequence ?
(A) Kim, A Passage to India, Sons and Lovers, Brave New World
(B) Sons and Lovers, A Passage to India, Kim, Brave New World
(C) Kim, Sons and Lovers, A Passage to India, Brave New World
(D) Brave New World, Kim, Sons and Lovers, A Passage to India

36. “Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift” is written by
(A) Alexander Pope


UGC-NET&SET-ENGLISH-MODEL PAPER-34 (DECEMBER-2011-II)41. Isaac Bashevis Singer is an
(A) African-American writer
(B) American-Jewish writer
(C) American-Indian writer
(D) American-Asian writer

42. Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot has
(A) three Acts 

(B) five Acts
(C) four Acts 
(D) two Acts

43. James Joyce’s Exiles is a
(A) Short Story 
(B) Poem
(C) Play 
(D) Novel

44. “It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen" – is the opening sentence of
(A) Ulysses
(B) Nostromo
(C) Chrome Yellow
(D) Nineteen Eighty-Four

45. The subtitle of William Godwin’s Caleb Williams is
(A) Man As He Is Not
(B) Man As He Is
(C) Things As They Are
(D) The Pupil of Nature

46. Who amongst the following belongs to the group of radical feminists ?
(A) Helene Cixous
(B) Monica Wittig
(C) Simone de Beauvoir
(D) Luce Irigaray

47. “On the Knocking at the Gate in Macbeth” is a longer essay by
(A) G. Wilson Knight
(B) A. C. Bradley
(C) Thomas De Quincey
(D) F. R. Leavis

48. The expression, “dreaming house” is an e…


31. Which of the following poem by Keats uses the Spenserian stanza ?
(A) Endymion
(B) The Fall of Hyperion
(C) The Eve of St. Agnes
(D) Lamia

32. Match the following authors with their respective works with the help of the code given below :
List – I                                   List – II
I. Oliver Goldsmith 1. The Vanity of Human Wishes
II. John Gay 2. The Vicar of Wakefield
III. Samuel Johnson 3. She Stoops to Conquer
IV. Richard Sheridan 4. The Beggar’s Opera
Code :
(A) 1 4 3 2
(B) 2 4 1 3
(C) 3 2 4 1
(D) 4 3 2 1

33. The term “egotistical sublime” was coined by
(A) S.T. Coleridge
(B) John Keats
(C) William…


21. The Unfortunate Traveller has been authored by
(A) Robert Greene
(B) Thomas Deloney
(C) Thomas Nashe
(D) Thomas Lodge

22. Who, among the following, is not a practitioner of Jacobean tragedy ?
(A) George Villiers
(B) John Marston
(C) John Webster
(D) Thomas Middleton

23. The author of Nation and Narration is
(A) Edward Said
(B) Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
(C) Frantz Fanon
(D) Homi Bhabha

24. Which of the following novels has a great impact on the formal experimentation in contemporary fiction ?
(A) Thomas Nashe’s The Unfortunate Traveller
(B) Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones
(C) Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy
(D) Samuel Richardson’s Pamela

25. The phrase ‘Only Connect’ is associated with
(A) D. H. Lawrence
(B) James Joyce
(C) E. M. Forster
(D) Virginia Woolf

26. Which of the following books is by Margaret Atwood ?
(A) The Stone Angel
(B) No Fixed Address
(C) The Edible Woman
(D) Half breed

27. The expression “murderous innocence” is an example of
(A) Oxymoron


11. Which among the following plays by Christopher Marlowe has epic features ?
(A) Doctor Faustus
(B) Edward II
(C) Hero and Leander
(D) Tamburlaine

12. Sir Fopling is a character in
(A) Wycherley’s The Plain Dealer
(B) Congreve’s The Way of theWorld
(C) Etherege’s The Man of Mode
(D) Davenant’s The Platonick Lovers

13. Who famously said, “Three or four families in a Country Village is the very thing to work on” ?
(A) Clara Reeve
(B) Maria Edgeworth
(C) Frances Burney
(D) Jane Austen

14. Ikemefuna is a character in the novel
(A) When Rain Clouds Gather
(B) The Mimic Men
(C) Things Fall Apart
(D) The Interpreters

15. A foot consisting of a strong syllable followed by a weak syllable is called
(A) Trochee
(B) Iambic
(C) Spondee
(D) Terza Rima

16. What is it that Chaucer focuses on in the depiction of the Wife of Bath in The Canterbury Tales ?
(A) Meekness
(B) Defiance
(C) Chastity
(D) Experience

17. Put the following books of Pope in a sequence of publication.…


1. Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery is written by
(A) William Wordsworth
(B) Robert Southey
(C) John Clare
(D) Thomas Gray

2. Hemingway’s novel A Farewell to Arms is divided into
(A) two books
(B) three books
(C) four books
(D) five books

3. “Panopticism” is the title of a chapter in a well-known book by
(A) Roman Jakobson
(B) Jacques Lacan
(C) Michel Foucault
(D) Jacques Derrida

4. The lines, “She was a worthy woman al hir lyve:/Housbondes at cherche dore she hadde five”, are an example of
(A) blank verse
(B) clerihew
(C) heroic couplet
(D) free verse

5. Who, among the following women writers, famously imagined the plight of Shakespeare’s sister ?
(A) George Eliot
(B) Virginia Woolf
(C) Irish Murdoch
(D) Frances Burney

6. Read the following statement and the reason given for it. Choose the right response.
Assertion (A) : Dickens’s novels are called ‘Newgate Novels’.
Reason (R) : They are called so, because Dickens adulates in these novels the …


61. (a) “Interlanguage” is a term we owe to M.A.K. Halliday.
(b) Interlanguage develops an autonomous and self-contained grammatical system
(c) It is a distinct stage in a learner’s progress in the study of a second language.
(d) It owes nothing at all either to the learner’s native or target / second language.
(A) (d) is correct.
(B) (b) is correct.
(C) (a) and (c) are correct.
(D) (c) and (d) are correct.

62. In a classic statement that inaugurated Feminist thought in English, we read :
“A woman writing thinks back through her mothers”. Where does this occur ?
(A) Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own
(B) Kate Millet’s Sexual Politics
(C) Gertrude Stein’s Three Lives
(D) Mary Hiatt’s The Way Women Write.

63. Identify the correctly matched pair of translators and translations.
(I) A. K. Ramanujan (a) The Ramayana
(II) Manmathanath Dutt (b) The Bhagavad Gita
(III) Mohini Chatterjee …


51. Based on the following description, identify the text in reference : This is a play in which no one comes, no one goes, nothing happens. In its opening scene a man struggles hard to remove his boot. The play was originally written in French, later translated into English. It was first performed in 1953.
(A) Look Back in Anger
(B) Waiting for Godot
(C) The Zoo Story
(D) The Birthday Party

52. One of the following Canterbury Tales is in prose, identify.
(A) The Pardoner’s Tale
(B) The Parson’s Tale
(C) The Monk’s Tale
(D) The Knight’s Tale

53. In his distinction between imagination and fancy, Coleridge identifies the following :
(a) it dissolves, diffuses, dissipates, in order to recreate.
(b) it has aggregative and associative power.
(c) it plays with fixities and definites.
(d) it has shaping and modifying power. The correct combination reads :
(A) (a) and (b) for fancy; (c) and (d) for imagination.
(B) (a) and (c) for fancy; (b) and (d) for i…


UGC-NET&SET-ENGLISH-MODEL PAPER-27 (JUNE-2012-III)41. Goethe’s Faust (Part I , Scene 1) opens in :
(A) heaven 

(B) hell
(C) forest 
(D) Faust’s study

42. “Is it their single-mind-sized skulls or a trained Body, or genius, or a nestful of brats Gives their days this bullet and automatic purpose….” (Thrushes) In the above lines what does ‘their’ refer to and what quality of ‘their’ does the poet speak of ?
I. Human beings and their intelligence
II. The thrushes and their concentration in achieving what they set out for
III. The efficiency of the thrushes in getting at their prey
IV. All the above
(A) Only III is correct.
(B) Only IV is correct.
(C) I and II are correct.
(D) II and III are correct.

43. Find the odd (wo)man out :
Belladonna – Eugenides – The Typist – Marie – Madame Sosostris – the ruinbibber – Tiresias – the Youngman Carbuncular
(A) Belladonna
(B) Madame Sosostris
(C) Tiresias
(D) The ruin – bibber

44. Wilkie Collins’s novel, The Moonstone (1868) tells the story of ______.
(A) a detective…


31. Assertion (A) : “Tam O’ Shanter” by John Clare is about the experience of an ordinary human being and became quite popular during that time.
Reason (R) : John Clare, having suffered bouts of madness, could really feel for the misery of common man. In the context of the two statements, which of the following is correct ?
(A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) explains (A).
(B) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) does not explain (A).
(C) (A) is true but (R) is false.
(D) (A) is false but (R) is true.

32. Alexander Pope’s An Essay in Criticism :
(a) Purports to define “wit” and “nature” as they apply to the literature of his age.
(b) Claims no originality in the thought that governs this work.
(c) is a prose essay that gives us such quotes as “A little learning is a dangerous thing !”
(d) Appeared in 1701.
(A) (c) and (d) are incorrect.
(B) (a) and (b) are incorrect.
(C) (a) to (d) are correct.
(D) only (a) and (d) are correct.

33. What is regist…


UGC-NET&SET-ENGLISH-MODEL PAPER-25 (JUNE-2012-III)21. “It blurs distinctions among literary, non-literary and cultural texts, showing how all three intercirculate, share in, and mutually constitute each other.” What does it in this statement stand for ?
(A) Marxism
(B) Structuralism
(C) Formalism
(D) New Historicism

22. For, though, I’ve no idea. What this accoutred frowsty ____ is worth, It pleases me to stand in silence here. (Fill in the blank)
(A) bar 

(B) barn
(C) attic 
(D) alcove

23. Which of the following novels is NOT a Partition novel ?
(A) Azadi
(B) Tamas
(C) Clear Light of the Day
(D) That Long Silence

24. Of the following characters, which one does not belong to A House for Mr. Biswas ?
(A) Raghu
(B) Ralph Singh
(C) Dehuti
(D) Tara

25. In English literature, the trope of the vampire was used for the first time by :
(A) Matthew Gregory Lewis
(B) John Polidori
(C) John Stagg
(D) Bram Stoker

26. Why is “Universal grammar” so called ?
(A) It is a set of basic grammatical principles universally fol…


11. When Keats writes about the “beaker full” of “The blushful Hippocrene”, Hippocrene is :
(A) the fountain of the horse
(B) a spring sacred to the Muses
(C) Mount Helicon produced from a blow of Pegasus
(D) Both (A) & (B)

12. Which of the following statements on The Prelude by William Wordsworth is/are not true ?
(a) The Prelude was published posthumously.
(b) In this poem, Wordsworth records his development as a poet.
(c) The poem runs to 14 books; at crucial stages the poet celebrates the sublime natural scenery in developing his spiritual, moral and imaginative nature.
(d) Poems like “Michael”, “The Old Cumberland Beggar”, “She dwelt among the untrodden ways”, “Nutting” etc. are the highlights of this volume.
(A) (a) to (d) are true.
(B) (a) is not true.
(C) (d) is not true.
(D) Only (c) is true.

13. Assertion (A) : At the end of Heart of Darkness, Marlow tells a lie to the Intended about Kurtz when he tells her “The last word he pronou…


1. In Ben Jonson’s Volpone, the animal imagery includes
(a) the fox and the vulture
(b) the fly and the cockroach
(c) the fly, the crow and the raven
(d) the fox, the vulture and the goat
(A) (a) and (b) are correct.
(B) only (d) is correct.
(C) (b) and (d) are correct.
(D) (a) and (c) are correct.

2. Salman Rushdie’s “Imaginary Homelands” is _______.
(A) a discussion of imperialist assumptions.
(B) an essay that propounds an anti essentialist view of place.
(C) an existential lament on triumphant colonialism.
(D) an orientalist description of his favourite homelands.

3. Identify the incorrect statement below :
(a) BASIC was an experiment initiated by C. K. Ogden and I. A. Richards from 1926 to about 1940.
(b) Expanded, BASIC read : Broadly Ascertained Scientific International Course.
(c) BASIC English was an attempt to reduce the number of essential words to 850.
(d) While keeping to normal constructions, BASIC failed as an experiment because its