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UGC-NET&SET-ENGLISH-MODEL PAPER-47 (DECEMBER-2007-II)21. What was the first play of Mrs. Dalloway called ?
(A) Clarissa
(B) Hours
(C)The Big Ben
(D)The Party

22. Which of the following Caribbean novels makes inter textual references to Jane Eyre ?
(A) No Telephone to Heaven
(B) Wide Sargasso Sea
(C) Crick Crack Monkey
(D) Between Two Worlds

23. The term 'metaphysical poets', was first used by :
(A) Ben Jonson
(B) Dr. Johnson
(C) Helen Gardner
(D) Dryden

24. “Only connect” is the epigraph to a novel by :
(A) George Orwell
(B) Joseph Conrad
(C) D.H. Lawrence
(D) E.M. Forster

25. The expression “Thy hand, great Anarch” occurs in a satire by :
(A) Dryden
(B) Pope
(C) Johnson

26.In which of the following novels by Graham Greene does the little girl Brigitta appear ?
(A) The Heart of the Matter
(B) The Power and the Glory
(C) Brighton Rock
(D) The Quiet American

27.The author of 'A Satire Against Reason and Mankind' is :
(D) Swift

28.'Anagnorisis' is a term …


1. Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery is written by
(A) William Wordsworth
(B) Robert Southey
(C) John Clare
(D) Thomas Gray

2. Hemingway’s novel A Farewell to Arms is divided into
(A) two books
(B) three books
(C) four books
(D) five books

3. “Panopticism” is the title of a chapter in a well-known book by
(A) Roman Jakobson
(B) Jacques Lacan
(C) Michel Foucault
(D) Jacques Derrida

4. The lines, “She was a worthy woman al hir lyve:/Housbondes at cherche dore she hadde five”, are an example of
(A) blank verse
(B) clerihew
(C) heroic couplet
(D) free verse

5. Who, among the following women writers, famously imagined the plight of Shakespeare’s sister ?
(A) George Eliot
(B) Virginia Woolf
(C) Irish Murdoch
(D) Frances Burney

6. Read the following statement and the reason given for it. Choose the right response.
Assertion (A) : Dickens’s novels are called ‘Newgate Novels’.
Reason (R) : They are called so, because Dickens adulates in these novels the …


1. A classical influence on Ben Jonson’s Volpone is
(A) Juvenal 

(B) Aristophanes 
(C) Plautus 
(D) Terence

2. Kipling’s “The White Man’s Burden” is addressed to
(A) The American imperial mission in the Philippines.
(B) The Belgian colonial expansion in the Congo.
(C) The British Imperial presence in Nigeria.
(D) The British colonial entry into Afghanistan.

3. Poetry : A Magazine of Verse was founded by Harriet Monroe in
(A) 1922 

(B) 1920 
(C) 1918 
(D) 1912

4. Who among the following was Geoffrey Chaucer’s contemporary?
(A) Thomas Chatterton 

(B) John Gower
(C) Thomas Shadwell 

(D) John Gay

5. Which of the following is NOT written by Walter Scott?
(A) Ivanhoe 

(B) Lady of the Lake
(C) Heart of Midlothian 

(D) The English Mail Coach

6. “Provincializing Europe” is a concept propounded by
(A) Edward Said 

(B) Paul Gilroy
(C) Abdul R. Gurnah 

(D) Dipesh Chakravarty

7. The earliest tract on feminism is
(A) Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex